Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Addiction to....


For the past six months or so I have been a devoted Pinterest fan. I have been at work and whenever I could sneak a peek I will open up Pinterest and just be amazed by what you could do with a simple pair of scissors, yarn and glue! OK... not that simple, but with some time and the correct materials you really could "copy" or "recreate." So I'm really trying hard to lose some of my extra lbs. and I found on Pinterest these easy to make salad in a jar recipes. So I went to my favorite store, and other addiction, Target and bought me some mason jars. I bought all my fixings too and made my own salad in a jar! It was actually really easy and gooooodd... Below are my two mason jars with my salad.  It had salad dressing in the bottom, green bell peppers, carrots, cooked bow tie pasta, cooked chicken, and spinach lettuce mix. When it came time to eat I just shook it and made sure that the dressing was distributed to all my salad. As long as the dressing is not touching the "greens" the salad won't get yucky. I recommend anyone try these. You could make them on Sunday night and have lunch ready to go for the next couple of days. I read that they last up to a week. I would only do two days, but everyones stomach is different!!

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Asian Salad in a jar.

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