Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So when are you supposed to move out of your parents house? This is a question that I ask my friends which happen to be Hispanic or Caucasian. The answers are suprising. My Caucasian friends say as soon as you are 18 you are more or less expected to be out on your own living life. My Hispanic friends say that you move out of your parents home until your own kids are having kids of thier own!! Is this true? Do you stay with your parents until you yourself are a grandparent. I sure hope not. I decided to take a leap of faith and move out. I already had moved out when I was 20, but for some really heartbreaking reasons I moved back in at my parents last year when I was 29. I've spent a year back at home and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it. Even though it was easy (no rent, no cooking, no worrying) it is time for me to leave my nest again.

I have rented a cute little apartment for me and only me. No roomate (boyfriend) no family living in the same house, no anything. Its a really scary situation for me. I am used to having family around all the time. We are a huge family and its not unusual to have family members living at your house. So now that I'm leaving I do have some hesitation, but its all my own fears of failing on living on my own. I now have to worry about rent, bills and cooking. Man, let me just tell you moving out is expensive!! I bought a bedroom set and that sucker was almost $1000 for a damn bed!!

So as I decorate my place I hope to put some pictures up. I'm not saying that I will put up decorating ideas because I have nooooooo decorating bone in my body! I suck at decorating, but the help of Pinterest I should have something fancy shmancy!!


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