Monday, February 27, 2012

Curves Ahead: A Night in Rio (Giveaway )

Hey Ladies,

A blog that I follow is giving away two tickets to RIO a night where you get to meet amazing Latino bloggers. I entered the giveaway and I am crossing my fingers that I get to attend. Since I'm just starting this blog I need all the help I can get. So crossing my fingers, eyes, toes, arms and anything else I can!

Curves Ahead: A Night in Rio (Giveaway )

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Its that wonderful time of the year fellow Catholics: LENT. Its that time where we all promise that we are going to sacrifice giving something up for 40 days and nights. So I'm taking it up upon myself to leave a couple of things that will actually benefit me. Like I mentioned in my first post I am going on vacation to ITALY and well I want to take some nice pictures while I'm there. Seeing that I am on the plus size I am in the process of losing some LBS! I have lost 20lbs so far since August 2011. I have changed the way I eat and have incorporated exercising to my life. So Lent gives me the opportunity to restrict my junk food ways even more. I will be sacrificing the following: chocolate, cookies, any kind of pastries, white bread, chips, fast food, peanut butter, ice cream. Hopefully by the time I leave in May I have lost an additional 20lbs.

I will be blogging my progress as I feel it is beneficial to me to write my thoughts down on how I am longing for a chocolate candy bar or how bad I am craving peanut butter!

Thursday, February 16, 2012



So I decided to break down and buy myself something nice and expensive. I bought myself a nice camera. Its a Canon Rebel T3. I'm heading to Rome in May and I want to be able to take beautiful pictures and share with you guys. So, now I'm going picture crazy and trying to learn everything there is to my camera so I know what I'm doing. I'm amazed how much technology has changed since we had those old school cameras. But, at the same time we are spoiled with digital cameras. Everytime we take a picture we have to see what it looks like and if we don't like how we look we delete it and take it again. Nothing is a surprise anymore! I actually enjoy pictures where people don't know they are being photographed. They are funnier and not so fake. My opinion people.
Till next time,

Monday, February 13, 2012

The New Kid...

Youuuuuu Whoooooo!!! Anyone one here?

Hello, I'm Jackee and I still can't believe I'm actually starting a blog. So many people make this seem so easy, but I thinks it take some courage to write a blog. Its kinda scary putting yourself out there wondering if anyone will care. I'm not a makeup/nails/fashion guru like the rest of the pretty ladies, but I love makeup/nails/fashion. And traveling. I just booked my ticket to ROME, ITALY!! So I guess I will blog about getting ready to travel and anything else that pops up!!

Stay tuned.. I will get better!