Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Its that wonderful time of the year fellow Catholics: LENT. Its that time where we all promise that we are going to sacrifice giving something up for 40 days and nights. So I'm taking it up upon myself to leave a couple of things that will actually benefit me. Like I mentioned in my first post I am going on vacation to ITALY and well I want to take some nice pictures while I'm there. Seeing that I am on the plus size I am in the process of losing some LBS! I have lost 20lbs so far since August 2011. I have changed the way I eat and have incorporated exercising to my life. So Lent gives me the opportunity to restrict my junk food ways even more. I will be sacrificing the following: chocolate, cookies, any kind of pastries, white bread, chips, fast food, peanut butter, ice cream. Hopefully by the time I leave in May I have lost an additional 20lbs.

I will be blogging my progress as I feel it is beneficial to me to write my thoughts down on how I am longing for a chocolate candy bar or how bad I am craving peanut butter!

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